2017 Miami Boat Show Edition: Boats on Display
January 25, 2017

2017 Miami Boat Show Edition: Boats on Display

2017 Miami Boat Show Edition: Boats on Display

The 2017 Miami International Boat Show is just days away (it starts Thursday, Fenruary 16, 2017). We hope you have planned ahead for the show and already have your parking reserved and your tickets bought. Now for the real fun part... below is the full list of boats InterMarine will have on display across the Miami Show and Yachts Miami Beach. Click to see more information on each model, and don't forget you can book an appointment with our Sales Desk ahead of time. *Most boats are already en route to the show so advaned bookings are no longer be available, but you can book to see a boat at the show.

Miami Boat Show Booth information:



Image 0214: HeyDay wakesurfing boat

Booth B201:

Bayliner VR5 Outboard
Bayliner Element F21 center console fishing boat
NEW MODEL! Bayliner HeyDay WT1 wake surfing boat
NEW MODEL! Bayliner Heyday WT2 wake surfing boat

In-Water Display Slips 203-204:

Bayliner Element E21
Bayliner Element XR7



Image 0212: Chaparral 287 SSX

Booth A145:

Chaparral H2O 19 bowrider
Chaparral H2O 21 Outboard
Chaparral Vortex 223 Jet Boat
Chaparral Vortex 243 Jet Boat

Booth A211:

Chaparral Suncoast 230 Outboard
Chaparral Suncoast 250 Outboard
Chaparral SSX 257 bowrider
NEW MODEL! Chaparral SSX 287 bowrider
Chaparral SSX 307 bowrider
Chaparral SSX 337 bowrider
Chaparral Signature 310 cruiser
Chaparral Signature 330 cruiser

Volvo Booth:
Chaparral SSX 227 bowrider



Image 0211: Four Winns 240

Booth A131:

Four Winns HD 220 Boat
Four Winns HD 220 Outboard Boat
Four Winns HD 240 Outboard
Four Winns HD 270 Outboard Boat
Four Winns TS 242
Four Winns V 255 cruiser
Four Winns H290 boat

In-Water Display Slip 633-637:

Four Winns H350 sport hybrid
Four Winns V375 Vista cruiser
Four Winns V435 Vista cruiser



Image 0210: Jeanneau Leader 46

Outboards Water Slip 622-632:

Jeanneau NC 795 family cruiser
Jeanneau NC 895 family cruiser
Jeanneau Leader 7.5 Walkaround
Jeanneau Leader 10.5

Inboard Water Slip 624-640:

Jeanneau Leader 30
NEW MODEL! Jeanneau Leader 33
Jeanneau Leader 36
Jeanneau Leader 40
Jeanneau Leader 46
Jeanneau NC 9
Jeanneau NC11
Jeanneau NC 14
Jeanneau Velasco 37 F
Jeanneau Velasco 43 F



Image 0209: Nuova Jolly 38 CC

Water Slips 866-867:

Prince 30 CC
Prince 38 CC



Image 0213: Montecarlo yachts 105

Boat Show Entrance No. 5

Montecarlo Yacht 80
Montecarlo Yacht 105



Image 0208: Prestige Yachts 630

Multiple locations at Miami Boat Show and Yachts Miami

Miami Boat Show Water Slips 642-644:
Prestige Yachts 420
Prestige Yachts 500

Yachts Miami, Ramp 37 on Collins Ave.

NEW MODEL! Prestige Yachts 460
Prestige Yachts 500S
Prestige Yachts 500
Prestige Yachts 560
Prestige Yachts 630
Prestige Yachts 680
Prestige Yachts 750

Email us for more details on any one of these magnificent boats or yachts for personalized service. Click here to see a map of the show. Click here to visit the official Miami Boat Show website.

See you at the Boat Show!

January 25, 2017

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