Volvo Penta enters world of outboards with Seven Marine

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Volvo Penta enters world of outboards with Seven Marine

Volvo Penta is now majority owner of Seven Marine, a young but impressive company that produces the most powerful outboard engines in the world.


To say Volvo Penta is a renowned and respected engine builder is a great understatement. The company has over 110 years' experience as a market leader in engine and propulsion systems with many award-winning innovations in their portfolio, such as the recently introduced Forward Drive propulsion system. Volvo Penta's continued success is driven by their uncompromising commitment to quality and ongoing improvement. 


On their end, Seven Marine offers what are known to be "the most powerful outboards on the planet", running at impressive 557 and 627 horsepower. The engineers at Seven Marine were hand-picked for their expertise, ingenuity, and accomplishments to produce unrivaled engines capable of powering larger and faster vessels. 


The deal will broaden Volvo Penta’s technology platform and it will enable Seven Marine to continue developing their innovative outboards to satisfy a wider range of boating customer needs. This new collaboration between the two companies is sure to produce some very exciting products as the teams share their technologies and innovative creativity. 


Read Volvo Penta's official press release here