Safe Boating: Encountering Other Vessels On The Water

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Safe Boating: Encountering Other Vessels On The Water

Article by Steve Waas, Lic. FL Yacht Broker

There are rules that every captain must follow when encountering other vessels, and these two terms help may explain.

Give-way vessel: The vessel that is required to keep away from other vessels by stopping, slowing, or changing course.
Stand-on vessel: The vessel that must maintain his speed and course unless it is apparent the give-way vessel is not taking appropriate action.

Meeting head-on both vessels are give-way, with both turning to starboard.
Overtaking another vessel, the overtaking vessel is the give-way. The vessel being overtaken is the stand-on vessel.
Paths that cross, the vessel on the operator's port side is the give-way vessel. The vessel on the operator's starboard side is the stand-on vessel.


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