Quick tips for Hurricane Preparedness
September 01, 2017

Quick tips for Hurricane Preparedness

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As you know, hurricane season started June 1. We've already shared with you the importance of Hurricane Preparedness and having a Hurricane Plan. Now that we almost encountered a tropical storm, it's a good time to quickly remind you of some quick tips to keep yourself safe during very severe weather.

For boaters:
- Use plenty of duct tape to secure hatches, drawers, cabinets, vents for fuel and water tanks, seams in doors and windows, etc.
- Make sure to have extra lines for your boat and bring it inland if you can.

Other items to have on hand:
- Water for 3 days per person
- Non-perishable items like canned goods, peanut butter, energy bars
- Candles and matches
- Flashlights and extra batteries
- Prescriptions refills
- Toiletry items and a first-aid kit

And other things you might want to do, in addition to putting up shutters:
- Top up the gas in your cars
- Bring toys, bikes, plants, etc indoors
- Get extra cash from the ATM

This list is by no means exhaustive. Please refer to the NOAA checklist for more information and prepare now.... if you wait until a storm is underway, you may be left without any supplies!


InterMarine has a Hurricane Reservation Program available for established customers. Customers on the program only need to get their boat to InterMarine, and we take care of the rest. The program is for established InterMarine customers only and is available on a first-come first-served basis. Please email administration for more details or call (954) 894-9895 and ask for Melinda. 


Additional helpful information

BoatUS has a terrific section on their website dedicated solely to Hurricane Preparation for Boaters. We highly recommend perusing the information and using it to stay ahead of the game. Visit BoatUS


Though not boater-specific, FloridaDisaster.org offers many tools for planning and prepping before a natural disaster. Just click here and scroll to the section titled "Be Prepared".


For boater-specific checklists, you can visit BoatSafe or Florida's Department of Environmental Protection. They have a Hurricane Preparedness Plan here and a Boating Hurricane Checklist here.


Plan ahead and stay safe this hurricane season. 

September 01, 2017

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