Luxury Yacht Shopping at InterMarine at Marina Palms
March 04, 2020

Luxury Yacht Shopping at InterMarine at Marina Palms

Image of Family with children enjoying the sun on their Yacht.

Imagine shopping for your new luxury yacht in a serene waterfront location. You are greeted in your own language* by an experienced Yachting Lifestyle Professional who immediately makes you feel at home.

The Yacht Professional has studied your needs and presents you with the perfect yacht. You are guided through the buying process, complete with a proper water test conducted on the sparkling waters of Miami and a delivery to match this luxurious setting. Perhaps after yachting for the day you retire to your nearby waterfront condo.

This experience can be yours when you shop with us at InterMarine's Marina Palms location in Miami Beach. This modern waterfront yacht store offers delightful views, easy access to main Miami waterways, a friendly multi-cultural staff, and a varied selection of boats and yachts for your choosing. Read on to learn more.

Advantageous Water Location:

InterMarine's Marina Palms store sits on the shores of Maul Lake, only minutes away from the Haulover Inlet. This advantageous position allows us to conduct proper water tests for our customers on the beautiful waters around Miami.

Ultra-Modern Facilities:

Elevate your yacht shopping experience at our ultra-modern office with its bright interior and fantastic view of Maule Lake. When you are finished with your tour, water test, or delivery, enjoy a treat at one of the many hot spots that dot the area. Marina Palms is close to posh Aventura Mall and its many delicious dining options like International Smoke, Tap42, and Ceviche 105, just to name a few.

Variety of yachting choices:

The location at Marina Palms allows us to present to you a wide range of options to fit various yachting needs. Find what you are looking for in our yacht inventory ranging from 40' to 75'.

Multicultural environment:

Our Yacht Lifestyle Professionals bring friendly expertise from many parts of the world and a substantial number years of yachting experience. You can rest assured they can relate to you! InterMarine professionals speak English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian. Enjoy a personalized experience from someone who understands you.

South Florida Lifestyle:

InterMarine's Marina Palms yacht store boasts a close proximity to many high-end condominiums and high rises along Miami Beach; should you choose to purchase one of these residences for yourself will only make your yachting experience that much easier and enjoyable. Imagine being able to just take a leisurely stroll or short drive over to your yacht and be ready to go!

We invite you to schedule a meeting with one of our Miami Yacht Professionals today and begin the wonderful journey of yacht ownership at our beautiful Marina Palms location. Please email or call 305-985-5935. Be sure to mention you want to visit Marina Palms. See you soon!

*InterMarine staff is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian.


InterMarine yacht customers receive the added benefit of being invited to participate in allInterMarine Escapades throughout the year, plus automatic membership in our VIP Club. Enjoy exclusive VIP-only events and start #LivingYourBestLife!


March 04, 2020

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