Introducing Yamaha’s New Helm Master EX
November 24, 2020

Introducing Yamaha’s New Helm Master EX

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On July 1, 2020, Yamaha debuted their new Helm Master EX, expanding its technology to a wider range of boaters. If you’re looking for an integrated, customizable operating and navigation system for your single as well as multiple outboard boat, the Helm Master EX is a true game-changer. 

With its sophisticated array of features, the Helm Master EX makes operating your twin-engine center console, single engine sport fisher, or multi-engine family cruiser easier and more enjoyable, whether you’re a professional boater, an enthusiastic fisherman, or a casual weekend cruiser.

The Helm Master EX is based on all-new software developed in line with Yamaha’s CommandBlue™ philosophy: that is, to provide boaters user-friendly products that deliver modern engineering and technology directly into their hands, to help them build confidence and expertise on the water.

Helm Master EX Features

  • Previously only available on boats with two or more outboards, the new Helm Master EX now offers all of the “joy” of joystick control to boaters with single-engine boats. The  sleek, ergonomically designed, effortless-to-operate joystick with its state-of-the-art software allows for smoother shifting, throttle control, and steering in one intuitive operation. Single-function buttons give you nimble maneuverability in tight spaces. Your multi-engine boat can even move sideways or rotate 360 degrees on its axis; and you can quickly and precisely maneuver your single engine boat into position without having to muscle a heavy steering wheel. 

  • A required installation for the full Helm Master EX system, Yamaha’s new autopilot  includes a small panel on the console with a heading sensor underneath, as well as a precise GPS antenna and control unit, so you can relax and virtually let your boat run itself.

    The autopilot system allows a wide range of choices – ranging from fine adjustments to keep your boat on course to full-on autopilot to follow your chosen course automatically, hands-free. Using Track Point, you can set your own waypoints and manually override them to change direction. or steer in a pattern (either zigzag or expanding circle). It also synchs seamlessly with the Helm Master EX Speed Control, Trim Assist, and other functions. 

    Using GPS and minimal engine RPM, set FishPoint, and your boat will maintain its position (not its heading), a perfect solution for stationary fishing or enjoying a quiet cocktail on the water. Set DriftPoint, and your boat will maintain its heading (not its position), making it optimal for drift fishing along a wreck or kite fishing. Engage DriftPoint Track and you can easily fish along a shoreline, submerged reef, or other underwater feature. And StayPoint (available for boats with two or more engines) will maintain your boat heading and position within 10 feet, so you can “put it in park” and stay in place while waiting for a bridge or a slip at the fuel dock to open.

    And the beauty of the system is that it’s all operated right from the joystick. 

  • Boaters can elect to add Yamaha’s Digital Electric Steering (DES) to any Digital Electronic Controlled (DEC) engine configuration, whether a single or quad application, providing fully electric steering for digital outboards from F150 and up.

    The DES system replaces the conventional steering pumps, hoses, and wiring, giving you a cleaner, less cluttered bilge and more storage, and relieves you of messy maintenance chores like line purging and spill cleanup. The electric DES actuators are fast, quiet, and surprisingly more energy-efficient than a typical hydraulic power steering setup, so you draw less power from your batteries and gain more net battery charging amps to help power your on-board electronics.

    The responsive Digital Electrical Steering system gives boaters greater vessel control with adjustable settings to eliminate lag time while accommodating engine RPM or sea conditions. 

  • There’s also a newly designed Drive-by-Wire 6 x 9 top-mount control that provides more ergonomic comfort and offers new capabilities to maximize performance and minimize fuel consumption. Features like speed control and neutral hold allow you to get the most out of your outboard while trolling, pattern-steering, or staying in place.

  • The Helm Master EX offers several display options. The new CL5 Color Touchscreen Display is modern, slim and compact, with a smaller footprint so there’s room on your console for additional electronics. It’s compatible with Yamaha’s earlier DEC components, and easily syncs with Command Link-compatible mechanical outboards. The CL7 Multi-Functional Display can integrate with Garmin® Multi-Functional Displays, and with Raymarine® AXIOM® XL Multi-Functional Displays via available interface units or remotes.

  • The Helm Master EX features an Electronic Key Switch and floating keyless fob to access the system and make operating it fast, easy, and “smart.”

If you’re a boater whose been hungry for more control, precision, and responsiveness, joystick maneuverability, and more automated fishing functions, the new Yamaha Helm Master EX has it all. And if you want a fully customizable navigation and operation system to help you gain confidence and have more fun on the water, this is the system for you. 

While you can upgrade and add components to your existing Yamaha Helm Master system, many new 2021 outboard boats are featuring Yamaha’s Helm Master EX as standard equipment.

Either way, if you’re looking to get your hands on a boat with the revolutionary new Yamaha Helm Master EX system, or customize and add Yamaha’s Helm Master EX components to your existing boat, Intermarine Boats is here for you. The Helm Master EX is available right now on many of Jeanneau’ s outboard models, and we’d be delighted to show you how this revolutionary system can make your boat operation and navigation easier, more convenient, and more fun than ever.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Intermarine with any questions you might have or to schedule a demo or sea trial of this incredible new technology. We’ll look forward to hearing from you by email, over the phone, or in person at one of our South Florida locations.

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November 24, 2020

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