InterMarine, official dealer of Gyro Quick stabilizers
August 12, 2021

InterMarine, official dealer of Gyro Quick stabilizers

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We are pleased to announce that we are an official dealer of Quick Gyro stabilizers.

Quick Spa has been a provider in the nautical market since 1983. Quick Spa specializes in the production of nautical equipment designed, engineered, and manufactured.

The company offers full ranges of product lines including well-known gyroscopic stabilizers.

With the MC2 Quick Gyro on board, your comfort is guaranteed allowing you to enjoy all your special moments also at rough seas.


The MC2X gyro stabilizers are effective at stabilizing the boat roll and guarantee high performances both at high speed and at anchor. The range covers applications from the smallest boat – e.g., day cruiser or center consoles – to superyachts with no limitations of installations.

MC2X are compact, easy to install, and maintenance can be performed onboard, even with the boat on the water.

The MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers can also be easily installed during the refitting process.

MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers offer unique features designed to achieve a highly competitive performance while ensuring the maximum safety.


Main features of the Quick Gyro Stabilizers:

MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers, are equipped with a mass revolving around a horizontal axis.

This solution results in lower mechanical stress, less friction and therefore lower heat output.

Flywheel weight is calibrated until ideal RPM is reached in order to ensure faster spool-up time and a quick boat stabilization.

Air cooled - MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers have been designed to work perfectly in ambient air temperature conditions (from -10°C to +55°C, 14°F to 131°F). Since MC2 gyros are air cooled to control the generated heat, no thru hull or water pumps are required. 


Easy Installation - Other advantages offered by the MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers are the ease of installation and low audible noise.

Smart, compact design

Easy Installation

The installation of a single stabilizer can be done in any area of the boat, considering the available space and the environmental requirements. The flywheel must be always parallel to the hull’s longitudinal axis.

Installation of multiple units on the same boat.

For these installations it is necessary to position the stabilizers with the flywheel parallel to the hull’s longitudinal axis, alternating the direction of rotation.


Maintenance - Reduced maintenance | Easy to inspect

MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers have been developed to require reduced maintenance and to resist to corrosion. The periodic maintenance can be performed onboard, with no need to uninstall the stabilizer.

MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers are protected, but not vacuum-sealed; therefore, they can be easily checked.


MC2 stabilizers can be managed using the remote touch panel with graphic display available in sizes 4”/ 5” and from navigation panel with the integrated system QNN Quick Nautical Network.

You can also record the performance of the stabilizers with the MC2 Mobile App.

With MC2 Mobile App you can monitor the boat roll reduction percentage, the on board comfort improvement and other interesting details.

You can download MC2 Mobile App on both smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android).


InterMarine is now an official dealer of the Gyro Quick stabilizer.

Schedule an appointment today to install the new Gyro Quick stabilizer on your boat. Available for new and pre-owned boats.

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August 12, 2021

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