InterMarine Yacht Group becomes Dreamline Yachts distributor in USA and CA
May 16, 2016

InterMarine Yacht Group becomes Dreamline Yachts distributor in USA and CA

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The Italian shipyard Dreamline Yachts has partnered with Intermarine Yacht Group as its exclusive distributor to open up the U.S. and Canadian markets. Dreamline Yachts is already a major success in Europe after only two years since its official launch of the Dreamline 26.

"We are excited about this agreement which will allow us to penetrate the American and Canadian markets with an excellent partner." said Paolo Bencivenni, the company's CEO.

"Intermarine Yacht Group, based in Florida has extensive experience and knowledge in the yacht sales industry with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Dania and Jupiter, all major areas of activity for yachting. The decision to enter the American market is the result of an increasing interest in our product line coming from U.S. and Canada. Through our collaboration with Intermarine Yacht Group we are dedicated to offering a unique range of yachts in terms of quality and innovation, as well as superior after-sales service and support to our U.S. and Canadian customers. Dreamline Yachts and Intermarine Yacht Group are both committed to fulfilling our customer’s highest expectations."

Dreamline Yachts model line consists of the Dreamline 26, Dreamline 30, Dreamline 34, Dreamline 40, Dreamline 46 and Dreamline 49. There have been three Dreamline 26 Yachts delivered with two currently under construction and two Dreamline 34 Yachts sold, along with a newly ordered Dreamline 30. The Dreamline 40, Dreamline 46, and the Dreamline 49 are available in both fiberglass and aluminum and all the yachts are built to the highest standards of quality and tailor made to meet the customer’s desires.

Dreamline Yachts is finalizing a planned extension of the yacht line in order to meet the growing demand for the quality and innovations that Dreamline Yachts offers. After three years of activity Dreamline Yachts is already recognized as one of the world's leading yacht builders.

Intermarine Yacht Group’s partners Luc Thibault and Patrick Galipeau added: "We are very impressed with the Dreamline Yachts production facility and build quality. We already have strong interest in the Dreamline Yachts product line being expressed by a number of our loyal clients. We feel the state of the art technology, performance, comfort, fuel efficiency and the outstanding design of Dreamline Yachts enables us to offer our customers a yacht that stands out from the field. We are very excited to see what our new partnership with Dreamline Yachts can achieve in the future".

InterMarine has been in business over 20 years in sales and service and employs over 60 full time employees at three locations.

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May 16, 2016

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