Happy Holidays! Intermarine Delivers
December 24, 2019

Happy Holidays! Intermarine Delivers

Happy Holidays! Intermarine Delivers

Christmas is finally here, the New Year is right around the corner, and we at Intermarine Boats are feeling particularly jolly this time of year.


Because we’re reminded that we’re not only in the boat business, we’re in the relationship business. Making our customers happy makes us happy. We love getting to know them, introducing them to the right boat to fit their needs, and helping them experience the joys of this unique boating lifestyle.

We’d like to introduce you to two members of our Intermarine “family". Both families have been in the family for a little while and as their needs changed, so did their boats. We are happy to share with you their excitement, satisfaction, and joy at finding just the right boat – just in time for the Holidays.

In search of more luxury and comfort

Norman Guidon and Marie-Lise Lacroix joined the InterMarine family last year with the purchase of a Prestige 520S. They joined us on our Escapade to Eleuthera in the summer of 2018. That is when the desire for the added space and comfort of a FlyBridge was first born.

It was also during that extraordinary Escapade that we got to know this wonderful couple. We came to learn that Marie-Lise's brother attended the very same Canadian high school as one of InterMarine's founding partners, Luc Thibault. What a small world!

Upon their return from the Bahamas Normand and Marie-Lise were ready to expand their yachting space and decided to join us on our next jaunt, the VIP Escapade to the Cannes Yachting Festival, to take a look at the Prestige FlyBridge line. The Cannes Yachting Festival provides one of the most stunning backdrops in which to consider buying a new yacht. During the festival, prospective yacht owners have the opportunity to test drive their desired vessel right on the Mediterranean Sea with the gorgeous city of Cannes in the background. Within this glorious setting, both Normand and Marie-Lise fell in love with the Prestige 590 Fly luxury yacht.

By the time they returned to the United States their minds were set, and during the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show they decided to make their move. Normand and Marie-Lise officially upgraded to the Prestige 590 Fly in November 2019. The first outing aboard their brand new yacht was to the Prestige Sea & Shore Event earlier this month. We cannot express how grateful we are that they chose to celebrate this wonderful occasion with the InterMarine group. We are happy to report that Normand and Marie-Lise are absolutely loving their new Prestige 590 Flybridge yacht!

Image 0603: Guidon Prestige 590

From novice to seasoned boater

InterMarine Boating Expert Enrique Quiroz first met Ed Faria a year and a half ago when Ed walked into our Fort Lauderdale showroom looking to buy his very first boat. Deciding to buy a new boat is a great undertaking, but deciding to buy your very first boat can feel downright overwhelming.

There was no reason to worry, however. Enrique has helped many new InterMarine customers find their perfect fit, and he knew exactly how to help Ed find his. He took his time getting to know Ed. Together, they determined Ed's boating needs and, after looking at many different models, the Jeanneau 795 NC became the clear winner. Ed bought his Jeanneau NC 795 and got right to the task of making lifelong memories exploring different locations, including a challenging but rewarding trip to the Bahamas. How exciting!

Ed is hooked on boating now and this year he decided it was time to upgrade. He set his sights on the new Jeanneau 1095 NC and wasted no time in pursuing this next milestone. Once again we had the pleasure of helping him get into his perfect new boat, this time a Jeanneau NC 1095.

Ed is looking forward to making the trip from Fort Lauderdale to Naples aboard his new Jeanneau NC 1095 and is already planning to join us on the upcoming 2020 Escapades.

We are so very grateful to our repeat customers for allowing InterMarine to continue sharing their Boat Life year after year. We make memories right along with them. And this fulfills our purpose: to help get people on the water and experience the Boating Lifestyle. There is no better gift than that. 

Image 0600: Faria delivery 1

Image 0601: Faria Jeanneau 2 Image 0602: Faria Jeanneau 3











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December 24, 2019

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