Exclusive Escapade to Cannes Yachting Festival: A Preview
September 09, 2018

Exclusive Escapade to Cannes Yachting Festival: A Preview

Exclusive Escapade to Cannes Yachting Festival: A Preview

As far as luxurious yachting getaways go, one would be hard-pressed to find something more beautiful or refined that attending the Cannes Yachting Festival as part of InterMarine's Club Prestige VIP guests. Club Prestige is an exclusive club strictly for yacht owners associated with Florida's InterMarine Yacht Group.

Since the initial launch of this Exclusive Prestige Escapade in 2016, the popularity of this exhilarating luxury yacht vacation has grown tremendously with our elite customer base. The group of Club Prestige VIPs to accompany us to the Cannes Yachting Festival has grown exponentially since the first year.

And it should come as no surprise. One look at the images and a quick glance at the dreamlike itinerary is enough to convince even the most seasoned yacht owner that this is a unique experience not to be missed.


Club Prestige guests will be treated to a variety of private events, tours, soirees, dinners, and after-parties set against a breathtaking backdrop of luxury yachts, French architecture, and Mediterranean coastline.

The Cannes Yachting Festival will begin on Tuesday, September 11th and run through Sunday, September 16th. At the festival, our guests will enjoy upscale VIP treatment at many of the fine yacht booths, particularly at the Prestige Yachts and Jeanneau booths. This will include spectacular yacht outings on the Mediterranean and access to our manufacturer VIP lounges.

Following the Festival on Wednesday, September 12th, Club Prestige VIPs will be escorted to Iles de Lerins for Happy Hour aboard Nuova Jolly luxury rigid inflatable boats. The Iles de Lerins are a group of islands a short boat ride away from Cannes exhibiting some of the finest scenery in the Mediterranean. Nothing can beat a sunset cocktail hour overlooking the ocean dotted by boats and yachts of all sizes!

Image 0422: Nuova Jolly rib red interior

Nuova Jolly RIBs are regarded as Europe's most seaworthy rigid inflatable boats, and the brand's mark upon international boaters has been strong. Nuova Jolly just recently began distribution in North America through InterMarine, Inc. At the show, Nuova Jolly will be displaying Prince 33SC, Prince 38CC, Prince 38SC, and Prince 43CC. These new Nuova Jolly RIBs offer the highest quality construction and supremely elegant Italian styling. One of the latest features offered by Nuova Jolly is a stunning new red upholstery option.

Getting back to the Escapade schedule, after the Festival on Thursday, Septemeber 13th, our esteemed guests will embark on what is quickly becoming a tradition during this Exclusive Escapade to Cannes: a breathtaking scenic ride along the French Riviera to the famous Le Repere restaurant. Le Repere is a jewel of a dining spot overlooking the Mediterranean. Patrons of Le Repere dine al fresco under twinkling lights, sipping on fine wines and dining on exquisite French cuisine. One peek over the railings of the patio balcony rewards one with a stunning view of the crystal clear waters and the stony structures below. This is the sort of experience that is never forgotten!


Another highlight of this fantastic getaway will be the Prestige/Jeanneau VIP Afer-Party being held on Friday night at the Festival. This invitation-only gathering will be held to celebrate the launch of the new Jeanneau NC1095 and Prestige Yachts 590. As anyone who has attended a Prestige Yachts party knows, the ambiance is sure to be one of European sophistication and allure, enhanced by the backdrop provided by the elegant lines of several Prestige Yachts. Delightful conversation and champagne will flow.

We must talk about the fabulous new models being introduced at the VIP After-Party. Prestige Yachts and Jeanneau Powerboats have set a new standard of modern elegance and innovation. Their vessels cannot be matched in terms of light, air, liveability, and modern elegance. Every new boat they introduce to the market is a shining example of excellence.

Jeanneau NC1095

Image 0424: Jeanneau NC 1095 featuresJeanneau's brand-new NC 1095 is the new flagship of the NC line. At 35 feet, the NC 1095 is the perfect family cruiser, ideal for a weekend away or simply a day on the water.

Like all Jeanneaus, the NC 1095 has been designed for living life on the water, and as such the design places supreme emphasis on comfort and versatility. Some of the outstanding features of the new Jeanneau NC 1095 are large transom platforms on either side of the outboard engines to make boarding easier and safer, and a galley that boasts a surprising amount of storage.

The NC 1095 offers Jeanneau's large signature hull windows and an opening sunroof to allow maximum natural light. What a breath of fresh air for seasoned boaters!

Find out more about the Jeanneau NC 1095 by reading the introduction and visiting the product page.


Prestige 590

Image 0421: New Prestige 590 yachtThis new Prestige luxury yacht concentrates all the latest evolutions of the Prestige brand while respecting its tradition and heritage. This new yacht from Prestige bridges the gap between the Prestige 560 and Prestige 630.

The new Prestige 590 features immense continuous windows in the hull, and a wide forward hull with long, elegant lines. One of the many exciting highlights aboard the Prestige 590 yacht is the fact that the foredeck features a vast sundeck of the same size as the one on the Prestige 680 yacht! The Flybridge is the largest in its class.

The Prestige 590 yacht is highly adaptable, refined, and extraordinarily bright. Its intelligent layout was created for relaxation, entertainment, and pure enjoyment.

Learn more about the new Prestige 590 yacht by reading the introduction and visiting the product page.


Adding to the excitement of these exclusive parties, yacht tours, and launches is the exquisite beauty of the location itself. Cannes is known for its sophisticated glamour and charm. For more than a century Cannes has been known to be the playground of the rich and famous.

A longtime favorite of the affluent, Cannes offers a great range of activities for all tastes. When not enjoying the Yachting Festival, InterMarine VIP guests may choose to take a panoramic flight over to Monaco, or they may choose to be pampered at a French spa located inside one of the many luxury hotels, such as Hotel le Majestic and the Radisson Blu.

Those in search of even more enchanting scenery and unique diversion may wish to take a trip to nearby and fragrant Grasse, known as the World's Capital of Perfume. Delight in the scents and sights of this glorious medieval town that has been producing highest-quality perfumes since the 18th century. An especially delightful option for visitors is to participate in a workshop to create their own unique fragrance!

Another option is to visit Mougins, an enchanting medieval village located on the heights of Cannes. Mougins is surrounded by forests and the town exhibits a beautiful collection of art galleries and gourmet restaurants.

Finally, when in France one must shop, and there are several ways of doing that. Our recommended way is to experience the French market at Marché Forville, located in Cannes' Old Quarter Le Suquet. The market is held in the mornings and early afternoon. Alternatively- and just as desirable- is a leisurely walk along Rue D'Antibes, the main shopping street in Cannes where shoppers may find all manner of designer clothing, furniture, and jewelry.


It should be evident by now that InterMarine's Exclusive Escapade to the Cannes Yachting Festival is nothing short of spectacular. Glamorous, elegant, sophisticated, exquisite, and refreshing all at once, this is a very special treat for our Club Prestige VIPs. We are very much looking forward to providing our guests with an unforgettable experience.

September 09, 2018

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