Doing their part to keep oceans clean

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Doing their part to keep oceans clean

Every year, on the night before a Grand Escapade is set for departure, we host a Captain's Meeting with all our traveling guests. One of the things we discuss in these meetings is the importance of preserving our beautiful oceans, especially in the Bahamas since that is a favorite InterMarine destination. The Bahamas is home to some of the most beautiful waters in the world and home to a vast array of marine wildlife.

The Audet family, longtime InterMarine friends and new owners of a Prestige 520 Flybridge, decided to take action and do their part to keep the oceans clean by making sure they recycled all their plastics used during our recent Grand Escapade to the Bahamas. This picture of Mr Audet helps to put in perspective the amount of debris we can leave behind if we are not careful! 

This is an example of what we all need to do to preserve the Bahamas and our oceans from plastic pollution.

We thank the Audets for their thoughtfulness and continued support. 

Header image courtesy of The Nature Conservancy.

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