2017 Chaparral Dealer Conference
August 22, 2016

2017 Chaparral Dealer Conference

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Chaparral held its 52nd Annual Dealer Conference in St Petersburg, FL - August 9-11

Ths 2017 Chaparral Dealr Conference was full of exciting announcements and new products. We got to test drive over 30 Chaparral boats, which is always a pleasure because they handle so beautifully, and learned about 13 new models that are slated for the upcoming year. Here we have for you what we consider to be three of the biggest announcements of this year's conference. 

1. An epic collaboration

Malibu Boats has licensed their revolutionary Surf Gate technology, recognized as the leading surf technology in the market, for Chaparral to manufacture and implement in a select number of their high quality boats. The new Surf Package is a winning combo that will include the Surf Gate, center ballast tank, surf tabs, arch tower, medallion control, and will be powered by Volvo Forward Facing Drives. At the Dealer Conference we got to see the new Surf Package live on the ever-popular Chaparral 257SSX model. The package will be available on Chaparral's most loved runabouts:  244 / 264 Sunesta, 227 / 257SSX, and 246SSI. This collaboration between two highly successful and innovative brands is very exciting.


2. Outboards coming to the 21' H20

Chaparral demonstrates over and over their committment to progress. Back in 2012, they introduced the entry-level H2O line, bringing a high-quality boating experience to a whole new market. The H2O line, available in 18' and 21' lenghts and in Sport and Ski & Fish versions, will now be available with an outboard option! The new outboard 21' H2O is a super sporty boat powered by a 150-hp Yamaha engine standard, with higher HP options available. We're looking forward to stocking this awesome-running boat.


3. InterMarine wins another Top Dealer Award

Not a product announcement, but one we are very proud of nonetheless: InterMarine received another Chaparral Top Dealer Award at the Awards Ceremony! We are very proud to be the certified Chaparral Dealer in South Florida and we're sincerely grateful to have such a supportive, intelligent, and strong team backing us at Chaparral.


2017 promises to be a very exciting year in boating, and we're happy to be at the forefront bringing you brands that promote innovation and fun in boating.

August 22, 2016

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