2018 Miami Boat Show Display Boats

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The Miami International Boat Show is almost here. This spectacular boating showcase is globally regarded as one of the biggest and most important boat shows in the world. InterMarine Boat Sales is proud to display a well-curated selection of all boat styles from the boat lines we represent, all of which are top brands because of their quality, innovation, and value. See the list below for a sample of what you can buy at the Miami Boat Show. 

The show will be held at the Miami Marine Stadium Park and Basin in beautiful Virginia Key this February 15 through the 19. Click for more show details.  


Bayliner Boats

Image 0349: Bayliner Element

Stadium Land B201 and Water 203/204

Bayliner Element 16 deck boat
Bayliner Element 18 deck boat
Bayliner F18 center console boat
Bayliner F21 center console boat
Bayliner VR 5 O/B outboard bowrider boat
Bayliner VR 6 O/B outboard bowrider boat
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Chaparral Boats

Image 0348: Chaparral 310 Cruiser

Stadium Land A141

Chaparral H2O 21 OB outboard bowrider
Chaparral SunCoast 191 outboard sport deck boat
Chaparral SunCoast 210 outboard sport deck boat
Chaparral SunCoast 230 outboard sport deck boat
Chaparral SunCoast 250 outboard sport deck boat
Chaparral VRX 203 jet boat
Chaparral VRX 223 jet boat
Chaparral VRX 2430 jet boat
Chaparral SSX 257 luxury bowrider
Chaparral SSX 267 luxury bowrider
Chaparral SSX 287 luxury bowrider
Chaparral SSX 307 luxury bowrider
Chaparral Signature 310 cruiser
Chaparral Signature 330 cruiser
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Nuova Jolly Rigid Inflatable Boats

Image 0347: Nuova Jolly

Stadium Land C205

Nuova Jolly J 630 Rigid Inflatable Boat
Nuova Jolly Prince 25 CC Rigid Inflatable Boat
Nuova Jolly Prince 38 CC Rigid Inflatable Boat
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Four Winns Boats

Image 0346: Four Winns 350H

Stadium Water Slip:625/637

Four Winns 200 OB HD outboard deck boat
Four Winns 220 OB HD outboard deck boat
Four Winns 240 OB HD outboard deck boat

Four Winns 270 OB HD outboard deck boat
Four Winns 255 OB V outboard Vista cruiser
Four Winns 255 V Vista cruiser
Four Winns 290 OB H outboard Horizon bowrider
Four Winns 350 OB H outboard Horizon bowrider
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Jeanneau Powerboats

Image 0345: Jeanneau

Stadium Water Slip 620/640

Jeanneau NC 695 family cruiser
Jeanneau NC 795 family cruiser
Jeanneau NC 895 family cruiser
Jeanneau NC 33 cruiser
Jeanneau NC 11 cruiser
Jeanneau NC 14 cruiser
Jeanneau Leader 7.5 walkaround
Jeanneau Leader 9.0 walkaround
Jeanneau Leader 10.5 outboard sport boat
Jeanneau Leader 33 cruiser
Jeanneau Leader 36 cruiser
Jeanneau Leader 40 cruiser
Jeanneau Leader 46 cruiser

Boats on display are subject to change. Please contact InterMarine Boat Sales anytime before or during the Miami Boat Show to book an appointment with a Sales Professional. We are here to help you find the perfect boat for your boating lifestyle! For more Miami Boat Show details, please visit the Boat Show intro page

See you at the show!!