Dreamline Yachts

DL Yachts, a European builder with facilities near Ancona, Italy, offers a range of luxurious custom motor yachts called DREAMLINE. Every yacht from 26 to 49 meters is designed and crafted to the wants and needs of each individual owner. All motor yachts produced by DL Yachts are unique, having in common only the technology that makes them stand out in the market and heightens their qualities of comfort and safety.

Discover The Dreamline Difference

What also makes the DREAMLINE range so distinctive is the character of its projects, each of which brings innovations that lead to new ways of conceiving the pleasure of cruising and onboard living. Under the leadership of CEO Paolo Bencivenni, many of the DREAMLINE innovations were developed by Engineer Peter Zuber. With his 35 years' experience in the nautical sector, Peter is the inspiration behind the entire DREAMLINE Project philosophy.

With the critical success of the DL26M the Fano (PU) yard set their sight on building a larger yacht, the Dreamline 34M and now the DL35M. Designed and built with unique content consistent with the philosophy at the heart of the Dreamline project developed by engineer Peter Zuber. Technological innovation and meticulous construction are the heart of DL Dreamline Yachts.

Rigorous care over technical details, world-class quality materials and technological solutions to reduce operating costs. This is your guarantee of greater reliability, higher performance and unprecedented standards of comfort. It's what makes a DREAMLINE a DREAMLINE.

Fort Lauderdale Florida based InterMarine Yacht Group is the exclusive North America distributor (United States & Canada) for DL Yachts - DREAMLINE.

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